Resistance to change

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After the election results and all this talking around politics got me thinking about resistance to change. Resistance to change is a terminology used mostly in business and organizations to describe the act of opposing or struggling with modifications or transformations that alter the status quo. However, if we take a step back I think it applies in much bigger scale than the workplace.

When someone introduces change in any environment there is bound to be resistance. Everyone has their own comfort zone and most people are afraid of the new and unknown. A new and better tomorrow sounds great to everyone, but when it comes to working for it there are usually few who are eager to take the plunge.

How do we deal with this issue? The first step is acknowledgement. You must observe the tell tale signs of employee resistance. The key is identifying the problem and the reason behind it. Everyone views their job and the expectation they have of it differently, so any change might trigger resistance for very different reasons for each individual.

A solution which has become very popular is participation. Making the person feel like they are involved in the change, makes them less incline to resist it.

Also, creating a trusting environment that lets employees openly express themselves and voice their concerns, helps identify potential issues and can introduce new ideas for further improvement.

And finally from my experience, the best way to lead is by example. You cannot introduce change without making some yourself.

Are you ready for change?




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