.NET Core 3 Released

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As you might know .NET Core 3 was released a couple of days ago and it came with some exciting features including adding Windows Forms and WPF, new JSON APIs, support for ARM64 and improving performance. C# 8 is also part of this release, which includes nullable, async streams, and more patterns. F# 4.7 is included and you can start updating existing projects to target .NET Core 3.0 today since there is backwards compatibility.

You can download .NET Core 3.0, for Windows, macOS, and Linux:

Key Improvements

  • Performance is greatly improved across many components
  • C# 8 add async streams, range/index, more patterns, and nullable reference types and many more as seen here.
  • F# 4.7 focuses on making some thing easier. You can read more at Announcing F# 4.7.
  • .NET Standard 2.1 increases the set of types you can use in code that can be used with both .NET Core and Xamarin.
  • Windows Desktop apps are now supported with .NET Core, for both Windows Forms and WPF (and open source).
  • .NET Core apps now have executables by default.
  • High performance JSON APIs have been added, for reader/writer, object model and serialization scenarios.
  • The garbage collector uses less memory by default, often a lot less.
  • .NET Core has been hardened for Docker to enable .NET applications to work predictably and efficiently in containers.
  • Raspberry Pi and ARM chips are now supported to enable IoT development, including with the remote Visual Studio debugger.

For more updates ckeck out the official Release Notes and the Microsoft Docs

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